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Design & Engineering

We design, prototype, and sample packaging to our client's specification. We keep an eye on both functionality and aesthetic, advising clients on materials and feasibility months before first sampling.


Outsourcing Solutions

With 30+ years of experience, Aredien has built a network of high-quality suppliers across Asia, Europe and the Americas, ensuring that our customers receive packaging solutions tailored to their individual need. 


Shipping & Tracking

We work with an international network of carriers to ensure on time delivery of sampling and merchandise. By managing the shipping, tracking, and delivery of products, we save our clients time so they can focus on building their brands. 


Luxury Glass

Our 30+ years of experience in glass manufacturing makes us an industry leader. We work tirelessly to enhance the visual and tactile features of glass components to ensure that end users retains the highest level of engagement with our client's products. 

Our glass manufacturing prowess is well complemented by the range of decoration techniques we employ including metallization, color coating, screen printing, and hot foil stamping. 

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Premium Metal 

We believe that that the proper use of metal in our client's packaging is an art form. Metal components can add weight, elegance, luxury, and distinctness to a client's packaging. Whether we're manufacturing lids, caps, pumps, or droppers, we work to supply the right type of metal for the proper user-engagement effect. 


Intricate Plastic

Plastic is a beautifully malleable substance. Pulling on a range of plastics such as PP, PCTA, PCT, Resin, and Surlyn, we shape component parts so that they meet the highest design and engineering standards. The only limit to our plastic packaging is the imagination brought with initial concept. 


360° Service

We deliver technology driven design, well informed material suggestions, rapid prototyping and sampling, complete sourcing of every primary and secondary component part, as well as direct shipping and tracking.  By trusting one source for all production needs, our clients save themselves unnecessary cash outlays and the headache of communicating with multiple suppliers. 


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